About Us

Welcome to Just Bow Gifts, we are glad you are here! We believe in Blessing others with gifts that show our love, encouragement and support.

My sister passed away, 2/23/2021, of ALS. My sister was a Wife, Mother of 5 amazing children and a Marriage and Family Counselor. Before my sister passed, she wrote a book about how "WE" as human beings, are created in GOD'S Image and are connected, one to another, by a thread of love. Her book was published in 2019, just prior to her passing. The title of her book is "Just Bow".

It is my pleasure and delight to share our gift giving store "Just Bow Gifts" with you all! Enjoy!

" Honor thy Father and thy Mother: and, Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thy self".  MATTHEW 19:19